‘AI is never for us’ is Dove’s bold promise as it celebrates 20 years of ground-breaking campaign

Dove is promising never to use A1-generated women in its ‘Real Beauty’ ads in campaign by Brazil agency Soko to mark 20 years of the much-lauded campaign.

And, as you might expect, most of the ad is AI-generated but showing, rather starkly, the difference in generating images of real women from the campaign and the schoolboy imaginings you expect from AI.

Soko partner and co-CEO Brisa Vicente says: “We are honored to lead the global campaign creative marking the 20 years of Dove advocating for Real Beauty. The prevailing trend within AI-generated imagery showcases a homogenized beauty standard—mainly featuring blonde hair and depicting white, tanned skin—mirroring societal biases.

“When Soko tested prompts for women’s imagery adding ‘according to Dove real beauty campaign’ we realized the results were dramatically more diverse, inclusive and real. That’s a code Dove embedded on AI forever because of 20 years of campaigns for real, real beauty. Dove changes AI, because the brand has been actually changing beauty.”

Produced by Saigon, directed by Juliana Curi with The Mill, Diprod, Big Sync Music and HEFTY.

Wonder what the bean counters at Unilever HQ make of this bold promise?

Excellent from Soko, has a lighter touch than most Dove ads.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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