A wall of balls: footballers get defensive over testicular cancer

Creatives are clever at coming up with new ways to encourage self-checking, and this latest one from FP7 McCann Dubai is particularly inventive. The agency has created a campaign that slots sneakily into real life football highlights on YouTube.

When players are in a defensive line-up ahead of a free kick, a YouTube mid-roll drops a “player” into the wall moments before the kick is struck. He’s wearing the same coloured kit as the actual team and is shown carrying out a quick self-examination before we get back to the action. It’s for the US-based Testicular Cancer Society.

The campaign for the US-based Testicular Cancer Society has commentary available in six different languages, with more than 100 clips created from just five jerseys, five pairs of shorts, three actors and a green screen.

Mike Craycraft, founder of the Testicular Cancer Society, said: “This campaign is a great example of how the clever use of the latest digital tools can blur the line between video content and messaging. The result is a fun and engaging way to teach men how to perform a short and simple self-check, that might just save their life.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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