How to work a stopover: Icelandair mixes business and pleasure

Iceland has an established talent for promoting the country to tourists, and this new campaign from Icelandair continues the tradition with an entertaining ad that shows how one woman business traveller milks the airline’s stopover option for all it’s worth.

This is the second ad in agency Kubbco’s “Polite bouncer” campaign, and it ends with the return of humourless Hugi, who’s job is to stop tourists overstaying their welcome.

Jóhann Benediktsson, digital marketing manager at Icelandair, says: “The cooperation with Kubbco was inspiring, professional and fun, all the way from ideation, to filming to the end product and beyond. The campaign falls perfectly under the umbrella concept of “Easy to stop, hard to leave”. What differentiates it from previous initiatives is the humour element, that gives it a positive edge.”

David Juul Ledstrup, chief strategy officer at Kubbco, says: “The collaboration between Icelandair and Kubbco has felt so natural from the start. The success of this campaign – now entering its 2nd phase – is definitely down to their faith in our strategic recommendations and crazy, social-first ideas, as well as the ongoing fun, open, honest, and no BS dialogue on both sides of the relationship.”

Playful ads have almost become the default option recently – maybe it’s the pull of Cannes Lions’  new humour category that has helped brands to see the funny side of life.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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