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WPP backs new Mattes Schrader digital agency

WPP is investing in a new digital agency, OH-SO Digital, launching in March in Hamburg and Prague with Berlin and Munich planned to follow.

Founded by industry veteran Mattes Schrader (left, of SinnerSchrader, now part of Accenture Song), the leadership team has digital experts from agencies including Accenture Interactive, Accenture Song, C3 and Diconium. OH-SO Digital plans to combine marketing, commerce and technology to co-create digital products, platforms and software.

CEO Schrader says: “In the last decade, digitisation hasn’t boosted most companies’ market shares, leaving many trailing. At the same time, marketing decision-makers are increasingly responsible for sales and technical platforms in addition to communication channels.

“As traditional lines blur between communication, sales, products, and services, GenAI introduces a novel dynamic at every level. This offers an extraordinary chance to craft radical new solutions, positioning the marketing function as the critical growth engine.”

WPP CEO Mark Read says: “We’re excited to support the ambition of OH-SO Digital to provide brands with ideas that leverage technology to deliver transformative growth. Our long-term commitment is clear: to position OH-SO Digital as an important growth partner for our clients in Germany, our third largest market.”

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