Points are for pleasure in Dentsu’s new American Express campaign

American Express is launching the next phase of its ongoing “The card is for business. The points are for pleasure” campaign with a film, by Dentsu, showing how small business owners take their pleasures.

The campaign started in 2022 with a film featuring a dentist’s mullet to illustrate the same point. Print executions this time around again feature a dentist (in snorkelling gear this time) and a businesswoman on a sun lounger.

Andrei Ciripitca, acquisition and marketing VP at American Express, said: “We had a great response to our previous campaign, so we wanted to build on that idea, maintaining our lighthearted tone while demonstrating the benefits of using an Amex Business Card. This new campaign is a fun and revealing way of showing that ‘The Card is for Business. The Points are for Pleasure’.”

It’s a simple message. And who doesn’t like money off the fun things in life?

MAA creative scale: 6.5



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