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AI writes a Valentine’s Day romance for Japan’s Skyn

It is, of course, Valentine’s Day on February 14 – which means lots of things to different people in different places it seems. Here it may be an M&S Dine-In for two, in Japan you maybe have to battle through a lot of tech to actually meet someone. Not just Japan, of course.

Japanese condom brand Skyn usually goes to town and these occasions and this year it’s a four-minute epic as an AI would-be couple navigate the ether. By independent agency UltraSuperNew, leaving the dreaded AI to get on with it and write the script.

Creative director Yousuke Ozawa says: “The most interesting thing to me was that the AIs were much more straightforward with their love language as they learned more about each other. That is when we thought: if AIs can express that much love to one another why can’t humans do it more easily? And created this campaign focusing on appreciating physical and emotional softness between two people who are attracted to each other.”

UltraSuperNew technologist Yan He says: “We focused on making sure the AIs were actively talking to each other in a stable framework. We didn’t want phrases and sentences randomly thrown at each other, with choppy conversations, so we developed prompts that would act as guidelines. In the end, we were quite surprised that the two AIs were getting along better than we imagined, developing their own lingo and even inside jokes.”

AI might need to speed up a bit but it’s interesting all the same.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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