British Airways gets festive in new work from Uncommon

Uncommon continues to demonstrate that its Grand Prix-winning “A British original” campaign for British Airways has legs.

A batch of Christmas executions are currently brightening up commutes and city streets with seasonal messages. A second initiative lets people surprise friends and family with a personal handwritten welcome home message, displayed in airports and digital outdoor media.

As always with this campaign, they are beautifully art-directed. It will be interesting to find out how much impact they are having on British Airways’ business results.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

One Comment

  1. Personally, I no longer have any trust in British Airways.

    I booked a return flight from Paris to Seattle in First class, and my 13-hour journey turned into a 56-hour nightmare.

    I don’t even blame the successive delays and changes of destination, but I find it unacceptable and unprofessional that almost 4 months after filing my claim, no answer has been sent for a compensation under the European regulation, in total violation of the time limits imposed by the legislation in force.

    I filed the claim #25533710 at the end of August and customer service doesn’t even bother to reply regarding the compensation despite my various requests. I therefore strongly advise against using this company, because if you have any problems, you won’t get any service at all.

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