UK ad exports up 15.5% to £15.6bn in 2022

The UK is holding International Trade week to show there’s life after Brexit and the latest advertising export numbers for 2022 are £15.6bn, up substantially at 15.5% from 2021.

At the same time VCCP vice-chair and international CEO (and a former IPA president) Julian Douglas is succeeding New Commercial Arts co-founder James Murphy as chair of the UK Ad Export Group.

The number of companies categorised as advertising and market research services is 23,095. This number has remained largely stable since 2016.

Douglas says: “By joining forces with the UK Advertising Exports Group and the Department for Business and Trade, businesses can tap into new markets and drive economic growth. Government support, trade agreements, and strategic collaborations offer opportunities worldwide.

“UK Advertising is ready to compete and win on a global scale. We have the smarts, the technology and the pure creative firepower to change the world and our position in it.”

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