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Sixième Son puts sonic purpose into Unilever’s Lux

purpose lives on with some Unilever brands

Unilever seemed to be rowing back from its “purpose with everything policy” following a storm of ridicule when investor Terry Smith pointed out that the purpose of Hellman’s was “salads and sandwiches.”

It now has a new CEO in charge who has promised a more commercial approach.

He doesn’t seem to have informed his team on Lux soap who are busily telling consumers that the purpose of Lux is “inspiring women to rise above everyday sexist judgements and express their beauty and femininity unapologetically.”

As opposed to washing. Guess you can do the two.

Lux commissioned French sonic brand agency Sixième Son to produce what it calls “a groundbreaking sonic framework crafted ‘For Women, by Women’. This, the agency says, “seamlessly blends global resonance with local relevance, culminating in over ten distinct soundscapes.” Reaching 4.7 billion people in the first six months it seems.

Severine Vauleon, Lux global brand VP, says: “Music is a potent tool for elevating brand communication and creating memorable sonic experiences that cut through the clutter. LUX now boasts a sonic system crafted by Sixième Son’s team of women, evoking power, confidence, and glamour. It exceeds market benchmarks, providing unity across campaigns while flexibly reflecting each one’s unique tone.”

One shouldn’t decry the impact of music in ads of course (used to call them jingles.)

Rival P&G’s Fairy Liquid has been an annoying ear-worm for millions unfortunate enough to be trapped at an early age.

Not quite sure how Lux’s new sound banishes sexism though…

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