Coke and McDonald’s top Kantar’s Christmas ad winners

Kantar has produced its ranking of Christmas-winning UK ads, hard o nthe heels of rival researcher System1, this time by facial coding tech and feedback from 3,600 consumers. Coca-Cola’s ;Holidays are Coming’ is top followed by McDonald’s with a spin on its ‘Fancy a McDonald’s’ campaign.

It also found that this year’s Christmas ads have been dramatically more effective than in previous years with a 67% increase since 2021.

Kantar head of creative excellence Lynne Deason says: “Getting an emotional response from consumers – especially making them laugh – is one of the most powerful ways for ads to stand out and be remembered. McDonald’s struck that note brilliantly, creating one of the funniest, Christmas ads. The beauty of the ad was that the brand didn’t get lost in the laughs – it was central to the story and played cleverly on the established ‘Raise your Arches’ creative platform, tapping into Christmas culture in Britain of not always enjoying season’s traditions.

“In the short term though, when we look at likelihood to drive immediate sales, the product wasn’t quite present enough, and that was one of the big factors in Coca-Cola nabbing the number one spot.”

It isn’t actually Christmas yet of course and there are latecomers too, notably Tesco’s much praised effort.

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