MAA Ad of the week: Tesco Christmas from BBH

One of the best of a less than inspiring bunch

UK supermarkets have been splashing the cash this Christmas (or, rather, in advance of Christmas) and it hasn’t really been a vintage performance.

Possibly because they’ve been trying to get their money’s worth; showing lots of product and mostly set in stores. Which may make good business sense but doesn’t make for flights of imagination. With UK food inflation still running at around 10% it also might have seemed careless to be seen spending money on ‘fun.’

Tesco’s ‘Be More Christmas’ from BBH at least combines fantasy with a rose-tinted version of reality (the Tesco store featured actually has tills – where did they find those?)

So we have a sulky youth observing everyone turning into Christmas trees. Until he does too and happiness ensues.

Sort of captures the zeitgeist in 2023 – dragged kicking and screaming into Christmas.

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