EY goes global with positive message about AI

Graham Fink leads team with Ogilvy and Hogarth

AI is something the world is trying to come to terms with. But you can’t put the genie back in the bottle (or should it be teapot?) and giant consultancy and auditing firm EY is launching global multi-media campaign ‘The Face of the Future’ to persuade us that’s going to be OK (if EY’s in charge.)

So it’s rounded up 200 EYers and animated them with AI throughout. Produced by a star-packed line-up led by FinkDifferent’s Graham Fink with Mark Goodwin of SquidInk, Ogilvy and Hogarth Worldwide on content experience, NJA for production, The 5Gs for AI tech and EssenceMediacom for media planning. The “human-centric” logo was developed with Brandpie.

EY global CTO Nicola Morini-Bianzino says: “Building confidence in AI requires a holistic and people-centered approach. As global leaders, organizations and entire industries contemplate the transformative capabilities of AI, we are helping EY clients face the future with confidence by emphasising this exact approach to AI-enabled business transformation.

“This campaign reflects the power of EY people, augmented and empowered by AI, in driving the change to build a better working world.”

Let’s hope they’re right (particularly if your job’s at stake.)

But this makes you think. Does a job for EY and shows the creative potential of AI as well as anything we’ve seen. AI apart, it’s pretty good corporate advertising, a difficult thing to get right.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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