BHLA for World Vision takes charity ads up a level

Charity ads usually follow a well-trodden path, solemn voiceovers (often by a celeb or known actor) and disturbing images. So many people skip them, especially when dear old programmatic media buying means you get one every few minutes.

World Vision Canada and Broken Heart Love Affair are taking a different approach to the task of raising money for hungry kids worldwide, majoring on that sound of eating satisfaction, the burp.

World Vision’s Martin Campbell says: “The focus of the campaign is to show Canadians the tangible impact that World Vision’s efforts make in children’s lives and encourage them to help join in our meaningful efforts..a burp is music to our ears.”

Toronto’s BHLA is a class act (even down to its daft name which somehow works) and this is the proverbially hard-working 30 seconds.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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