BBH smashes stigmas for Girl vs Cancer in subversive new campaign

Girl vs Cancer is a charity collective that wants to put two fingers up to cancer, and these three BBH films do just. They talk openly about sex for sufferers and survivors, issuing the defiant message, “Cancer won’t be the last thing that f***s me.”

Sexual dysfunction affects around 60% of women with cancer, but it’s one of those topics that gets pushed to the background: less than a third of women are given any information about how a diagnosis will affect their sex life.

Lauren Mahon, founder of Girl vs Cancer, said: “Sexual wellness should be a part of ongoing routine cancer care, but providing learning resources for healthcare professionals only helps if patients are empowered to have a conversation about this topic.”

Helen Rhodes, ECD of BBH, said: “Every single woman in cancer care deserves to get the help they need, but for myriad reasons, often aren’t able to ask for it. Our approach might make some people uncomfortable and that’s fine. As long as it gets people talking, we know that’s the most effective way to kickstart change.”

BBH’s campaign – which includes OOH and social media – will most definitely bring a taboo topic into the foreground.

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