Vodafone reviews flagship UK creative account

There have been some big UK creative reviews in the past year, maybe coinciding with the end (we hope) of covid and certainly in a difficult UK economy.

Now Vodafone has joined the list, reviewing after seven years at Ogilvy. Vodafone is currently trying to merge with Three, handled by Wonderhood Studios. New Commercial Arts handles Vodafone global work.

UK head of brand Maria Koutsoudakis says: “After a strong seven-year partnership with Ogilvy, under which Vodafone has seen the brand grow both in consideration and brand power, it feels like a natural time in the brand growth cycle to review our creative and ensure we accelerate growth for the future. We are excited about this next chapter.”

Vodafone, still one of the biggest UK companies, has rather confounded its agencies leaving even the likes of BBH at close to its peak struggling to produce anything very compelling. Recently it has lodged at WPP agencies. Ogilvy’s big effort was a series starring Hobbit and Sherlock actor Martin Freeman but they failed to fly despite the lugubrious Freeman’s best efforts at light comedy.

New Commercial Arts, which has won Sainsbury’s this year and won plaudits for its Moneysupermarket work (from the client anyway) would be an obvious home but sources say Vodafone politics would prevent the UK and global cohabiting. Ogilvy is repitching.

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