System1: Women’s World Cup ads outscore the men

Ad effectiveness measurement System1 reckons the ads are better in the Women’s World Cup football than they were in the men’s.

System1’s Test Your Ad platform predicts the short and long-term commercial impact of ads by measuring viewers’ second-by-second emotional responses to creative. It assigns ads a Star Rating, from 1 to 5.9-Stars.

Top five

ITV (UK) – “The Pride has Arrived” – 4.4 Stars

Claro (Brazil) – “Todas Marias” – 4.3 Stars

Nike (Brazil) – “Debinha I Joga Forever” – 4.1 Stars

Adidas (UK) – “Play Until They Can’t Look Away” – 3.8 Stars

Frito Lay (US) – “Taste of Greatness” – 3.7 Stars

By comparison, System1’s test of 20 ads from UK, US and Brazilian advertisers in the men’s World Cup last year found only one 4-Star ad, while half the ads scored between 1 and 2 Stars. The women’s tournament has already scored three 4-Star ads and six 3-Star ads.

System1 chief customer officer Jon Evans says: “Sport as a platform has universal appeal, so there’s a lot of value in sponsorship if brands get it right. For the women’s tournament, many advertisers are leveraging famed athletes and celebrities, plus right-brained elements like melodic music, humour and distinctive assets that capture consumers’ broad-beam attention and drive long-term market share growth.”

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