MAA ad of the week: Call of Duty by 72andSunny

The launch of the latest version of Activision’s star franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, is expertly handled by 72andSunny, building big expectations for the August 17th release date.

Even if you’ve not a gamer, the drama, violence and tension in this film leave you in no doubt that the launch is a big event, that Makorov is a villain to be reckoned with, and that Call of Duty represents a brilliantly immersive world for its fans. Directed by Salomon Lighthelm through Prettybird and set to a stirring soundtrack by Andy Huckvale.

Modern Warfare II broke records last year, passing $1 billion in sales in less than two weeks. Perhaps surprisingly, games can be substantially more expensive to create than movies – around $220m, not including marketing costs – as we learnt during the recent court case concerning Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard.

For comparison Barbie, which reached box office takings of $1 billion in 17 days, cost $145m to make, plus $150m in marketing costs, according to Variety.

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