TikTok star GK Barry ‘thinks rebrand’ in new KFC campaign by Mother

GK Barry is a rare TikTok hit. She has 3.3 million followers and is known only for her social media presence and a down-to-earth sense of humour. So far no controversy, no stoking culture wars, just a lot of pretty entertaining posts, a podcast, Saving Grace, and some brand partnerships.

This all-too rare feat has earned Barry her biggest deal yet – a contract with KFC via Mother. She fronts a campaign for the brand’s new Japanese-inspired Teriyaki Burger and Bites, and builds plans for world domination on the back of it.

Mother’s campaign will start on social before moving onto TV.

GK Barry said: “Absolutely buzzing to be starring in the sauciest ad of the year to launch the banging new Teriyaki Burger and Bites! The Colonel’s handed over the reins and I’m renaming this sweet, sticky delight ‘The Barryaki’.”

The ad feels like a proper collaboration with Grace Barry, and it’s one that might appeal not only to her followers, but to all the millions of people who have never heard of her.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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