VCCP deputy ECD David Masterman: My Top Tips for Cannes

As all the nonsense of Cannes looms, let’s ponder what we might be seeing more of.

Bring Home the Bud by Wieden + Kennedy New York
Do you remember the booze ban coming in two days before the World Cup? A bit awkward if you’re the beer sponsor. There must have been a few hastily convened meetings in St Louis. This is a brilliant response. And for the cost of a few truckloads of beer that they couldn’t sell in Qatar anyway. Nice move.

Heinz’ AI Ketchup by Rethink Canada
First up has got to be Heinz. As all of us were arsing around with Midjourney, racing to be first to get a neat communications idea that would garner a bit of chat for our brands, these guys nailed it. They got it out there faster than you can type in Wes Anderson Star Wars. And, judging by the case study, they pushed it hard. Fair play to them. It builds the brand, it makes an icon even more iconic.

Virgin Media’s Highland Rider by VCCP London
And hopefully we’ll be seeing a bit more of Virgin Media’s Highland Rider. Dramatizing broadband in a way that people actually care about. A highland cow inspired by speedy broadband to take to the road on a Triumph Bonneville. For all the bovine fans of Patrick Swayze out there.

David Masterman is Deputy ECD at VCCP

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