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Automate or get left behind says new AI martech company CreateTOTALLY

A new MarTech company CreateTOTALLY is launching, offering clients and agencies what it calls “an AI production lifeboat.”

CreateTOTALLY claims to be ten times faster and offer 60% cheaper production of creative assets across all channels anywhere in the world. The new company is offering an end-to-end production delivery service which, unlike existing systems, also includes media plans in the mix.

CreateTOTALLY says that other end-to-end solutions from the big ad holding groups are really just the stitching together of various bits of tech. CreateTOTALLY is a completely new software solution created specially to answer pain points, deliver dramatic efficiencies and offer the prospect of data for real-time adjustments to campaigns rather than waiting for months to evaluate results.

The system includes content production planning, no-code templating, creative automation, workflows, reviews, approvals, team collaboration and advanced reporting.

CreateTOTALLY chair Margaret Johnson says: “You need best in class content automation to get all the future benefits that AI production will bring. CreateTOTALLY is delivering that today.”

Create TOTALLY is already working with a number of global clients, including those with substantial in-house operations.

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