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Now Dove goes in to bat against anorexia

Ogilvy’s world of ‘Doveness’ for Unilever has taken another turn, this time the real-life story of Mary, a young woman who developed an eating disorder due to toxic beauty content on social media. Also featuring other mums and daughters, supporting the Kids Online Safety Act campaign.

A joint effort from Ogilvy UK, Toronto and New York, the same combo that gave us some outstanding Covid-19 work in the pandemic.

Age restricted, it’s on YouTube here.

Ogilvy global ECD Daniel Fisher says: “The constant exposure to toxic beauty content online is having a heartbreaking impact on the mental and physical well-being of kids and teens. We are deeply indebted to Mary and the other voices in the film for allowing us to tell their stories because it’s critical that we come together as a society to create a safer, healthier online environment for younger generations.”

There’s another argument of course, against too many restrictions on the internet just because there’s bad stuff on it too. As there’s bound to be.

But this makes a compelling case and positions Dove and owner Unilever firmly on the side of the angels. Which is the agency’s job, of course.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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