Dentsu Creative goes all out for American Express Platinum

A new campaign for American Express Platinum gives us a full-on, hedonistic, live-life-to-the-full narrative inspired by member perks like late checkout, dining credits, event tickets, and travel.

Dentsu Creative’s film shows Amex members kite surfing, living it up in plush hotels, discovering their creative side, watching sport, and travelling – all set against the loud, insistent soundtrack, Who’s Gonna be the GOAT? by De Staat.

Maggie Boyle, vice president at American Express, said: “We’re excited to bring a new approach and tone to our platinum card marketing. We want consumers to understand they can get the most out of the things they love, through all of the card’s benefits, and we believe the campaign reflects this. So, whatever they want to get out of life the Amex platinum card helps them do that.”

It’s an attention-grabbing campaign, and the soundtrack makes it hard to ignore.

MAA creative scale: 6

One Comment

  1. what a load of tripe. Every cliche known to idiots. As for that music… Holy shit. I would suggest that the wankers at Dentsu “Creative!!!” who cobbled together this travesty, be locked in a room and made to watch all the great work Ogilvy did for AmEx. Until their eyes bleed.

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