Budweiser tackles global heat with non-electric fridge

It might not seem like it in chilly old UK but large parts of the world are preparing for another very hot summer which, in turn, has boosted the demand for cold drinks.

In developing countries though there’s a shortage of electricity so Budweiser and agency BETC Paris with designer frog have produced a non-electric sustainable cooler that can refrigerate drinks below 6°C* without electricity – the Bud Ground Cooler.

Budweiser sustainability & ESG director at Budweiser Tim Moerman says: “Instead of investing in traditional media like billboards, we have used those funds to install these branded coolers in local businesses. This way, we can promote our brand in a way that is useful for communities.

“This is a groundbreaking and completely autonomous system. That’s why Budweiser is installing the Bud Cooler across the remotest regions in Morocco, and will expand into other countries, such as Turkey, that has already signed up for the initiative.”

Is Bud the answer to global warming?

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