Le Pub takes ghosting to a new level in latest Heineken campaign

The second instalment in Publicis and Heineken’s “work responsibly” campaign has ghostly figures drinking in a bar to represent people who are still in the office working while their friends are out socialising.

As well as the film, Le Pub is staging ghostly experiences in real bars in a bid to spook people into working responsibly. There’s also a “ghost generator” app, which lets you turn friends into ghosts and send them a gif saying “It’s scary how long you work in the office.”

The campaign stars Korean actor and singer Park Hyung Sik, and will run across Malaysia and Singapore.

Perhaps it’s these regions where long hours in the office are still a problem. The previous instalment in this campaign targeted Manhattan, where many offices are often pretty ghostly as people stay working from home.

MAA creative scale: 6

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