Heineken shames lonely late night workers in Manhattan

A new Heineken campaign from Le Pub hunts out Manhattan offices where the lights are on late at night, and then projects a message onto the building so it appears right next to the workers, exposing their presenteeism and encouraging them to #workresponsibly.

“The Closer” reference in the ad is about a hi-tech bottle opener device that shuts down work apps when it’s used to open a bottle of Heineken, which seems a bit of a distraction from the main branding idea.

Bram Westenbrink, global head of Heineken brand, said: “Life is about making time for friends over a beer, and not for late nights in the office alone. Through this campaign, we are challenging the culture of overworking that continues to get in the way of moments that matter… we hope to encourage people to reprioritise the ‘life’ in ‘work-life balance’.”

It’s at least a bit different and it’s nicely done, but perhaps they should have spared a thought for all the staff and crew who had to work late at night to make this happen?

MAA creative scale: 5

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