Grumpy cat brightens up for Samsung in BBH Singapore spot

Only a Samsung TV is good enough to impress a grumpy cat in this spot by BBH Singapore, which shows an owner going all-out to get a response from his pet.

The feline remains grumpy-faced in response to all manner of temptations, but can’t stifle a “wow” when his owner settles down to watch a new Samsung TV.

Hyun Min Chun, head of integrated marketing communications at Samsung Electronics, said: “The Neo QLED 8K sells itself. All you have to do is experience it. This sheer confidence in our innovation became our communication strategy. If the world’s toughest critic can’t help but be impressed by the experience, so will our customers.”

Sascha Kuntze, CCO at BBH Singapore, adds, “In the past, Samsung has had many animal guests in their ads from ostriches to spiders. But we never dared to put one of the most discerning animals in a story: an exotic short hair with very high standards.”

For years, Samsung’s marketing has lacked any consistency around the world, and the brand has lost ground, with profits falling to a 14-year low in the final quarter of 2022. There are many reasons for the slump, but a few more campaigns like this could only be a good thing.

MAA creative scale: 7

One Comment

  1. I don’t get the glowing review for this. Would have been much better as a 30″ showing cat bored with everything in life, until he sees the Samsung telly. As it is, we have to wait 17″ before we even properly see the cat! Ain’t nobody got time for that…

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