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Tesco reshapes logo for Easter “giveaway”

Easter seems to be becoming a half-year sales event so it’s doubtless important, lots of small businesses in tourist destinations depend on it to get their hard-pressed tills ringing.

Supermarkets hardly fall into this category but they’re just as eager for the Easter pound and Tesco and agency BBH have decided to play tricks with its logo – offering £1000 to consumers who spot the deliberate Easter-ish mistake in its logo and plug it on social media.

Tesco and BBH seem a pretty capable double act these days, maybe one reason why Sainsbury’s is reviewing from Wieden+Kennedy and the Waitrose part of John Lewis is looking for a new agency along with its big brother (in good times Waitrose makes more money.)

Tesco and Sainsbury’s certainly seem to be thriving despite the so-called cost of living crisis (Tesco reckons 43% of consumer want to spend less on food this year.) Both companies’ profits are soaring even as they compete with discounters Aldi and Lidl. They’ve largely avoided the opprobrium heaped on energy companies.

Still an artful “giveaway” will probably work for Tesco.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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