Iggy Pop: you’ll find him in the kitchen at parties, advertising the sinks and appliances

Iggy Pop is now a familiar face in advertising, but this is his most bizarre foray yet into the commercials world.

Who would have thought he’d be advertising kitchen sinks? Yet here he is fronting an ad for German brand Schock by agency Saint Elmo’s Munich, with Bavarian Forest animals dancing on his shoulders and hair that looks like it could belong to Jennifer Aniston.

Back in 2016 he told the audience at Cannes Lions that “Marketers have two faces, three mouths and ten sets of ethics.” Since then he has lent his face and music to a number of brands, including On the Beach, Marshall audio, and Virgin Media O2.

Iggy Pop gets away with it though, because despite everything he has only one face, one mouth, and one set of ethics.

MAA creative scale: 6

One Comment

  1. He gets away with it, because he’s over 70 and he’s not only done it all, but doesn’t have to justify himself to anyone. Moreover many of his ads are bemusing and I shan’t digress. While someone may like to point out the fact he has sold out and blah blah blah, what decent godfather; of a entire genre, does not deserve to have fun ?

    At least Iggy doesn’t give me 5000 reasons to consider ditching his entire back catalogue from my collection.

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