Saga Holidays keeps the over 50s moving in new VCCP ad

While the government is busy trying to persuade the over 50s to keep working, Saga Holidays has a much more appealing idea: a life of travel and adventure.

VCCP’s new campaign for the brand takes us on a tour of Japan, South America, Africa and Bali, subverting the Saga stereotypes with alternative versions of following a flag, drinking tea, having a lie down, and slow moving groups.

Stuart Beamish, Saga’s group chief customer officer, said: “As Saga continues to operate as a champion for people over 50, we are taking this opportunity to bust open the myths associated with our audience. Our aim as a brand and through this advert is to challenge perceptions and to reflect our customers as the experienced individuals they are.”

Jim Thornton, Executive Creative Director at VCCP, said: “The gap between the perception of a Saga holiday and the reality is as wide as the Grand Canyon – which, of course, you can visit as part of a Saga Tailor Made Holiday. It has been nothing short of a joy for me and the VCCP team to firmly bury those preconceptions, thanks to the boundless talent and wit of Nicholas Farrell in front of the camera, and Tony Barry behind it.”

You might have to keep working to afford all these trips, but it’s all about the balance isn’t it?

MAA creative scale: 6

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