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Ryan Reynolds on the ChatGPT “revolution”

A1 product ChatGPT has the ad business all-a-flutter with fears (hopes in some cases, like the CFO) that it will make copywriters and art directors (among others) redundant as it seems to be able to do everything pretty reliably.

Actor turned adman (to a degree anyway) Ryan Reynolds has enlisted its aid for client Mint Mobile.

Note that, in this case, it still needs actors: Ryan isn’t daft.

Now if only it could substitute for suits and “strategists” (Dave Trott’s piece in Campaign today on the latter is worth a read if you have access.)

Is Chat as scary as some think? Clearly it can cause all sorts of mischief in some cases, chiefly so called ‘truth’ on the internet if anyone still believes in it.

In adland there are agencies starting claiming it’s all they’ll use. Anything to turn a dollar..

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