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Meta puts its stamp on the Rugby World Cup with BETC and partners

Meta is the official social media supplier to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, coming up in France in the autumn, and BETC, Havas Play, Havas Events and Unit9 have been signed up alongside in-house Meta Creative X to expound the joys of technology for rugby fans.

Meta says this is an opportunity to bring the passion of every rugby fan into a new dimension thanks to augmented reality, virtual reality and its family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) – an “open window into the metaverse.”

One suspects rugby fans will be more concerned with seeing the actual games (and doubtless scoffing industrial amounts of cassoulet washed down with something non-technological) but it’s a nice try and BETC and co. have risen to the task, as you’d expect.

Not being a metaverser, isn’t it really just another application of gaming?

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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