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My Ad of the Year: Ian Heartfield of New Commercial Arts

My choice for Ad of the Year is the BBC News film ‘Trust is Earned.’ This stopped me in my tracks when I saw it while watching TV and left me speechless. Real world impact, it’s what this job is all about. And such an important message for these times. Very jealous.

NCA’s ad of the year is between our film for the Alzheimer’s Society, ‘Its not called getting old’, and our launch spot for Paramount Plus, ‘A mountain of entertainment’. I’m going to vote for Paramount Plus.

It’s not every day a small agency like ours get to make a blockbuster. And it’s not every day you see a launch ad for a streaming service that isn’t just a series of clips. Love the scale and ambition of the ad, love Uma’s screen presence, and love the dorky new boy character ‘Pete’. Big shout out to Framestore for helping us paint the picture of the other side of Paramount mountain so convincingly.

Ian Heartfield is a co-founder and CCO of New Commercial Arts.

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