MediaSense launches DEI audit programme for advertisers

Consultancy MediaSense is launching a DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) audit programme for advertisers. Sanofi is one of the early adopters.

The audit programme, which aligns closely with the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) responsible media framework, will identify key areas in the digital media supply chain where advertisers can improve diversity.

DE&I measurement traditionally focuses on media delivery, ensuring a designated percentage of investment reaches media owners from diverse backgrounds. MediaSense’s DE&I audit programme will evaluate the entire media ecosystem, from planning and audience targeting, through to data, technology, and all partners within the digital supply chain.

MediaSense director & practice lead Dan Brown says: “One of the main challenges facing brands in 2022 and beyond is how to improve diversity without negatively impacting effectiveness. By conducting a diagnostic evaluation of DE&I, we can identify opportunities to improve diversity whilst protecting the quality and efficiency of media investment.”

Sanofi global head of media, digital & strategic planning Prasad Ghag says: “DE&I is a key pillar of our Responsible Media framework (alongside sustainability and brand safety). We are partnering with MediaSense to better understand how effective we are in this area and create both a benchmark and framework for improvement.”

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