Mother Earth blasts Santa Claus for climate crimes in Posten’s epic Christmas ad

Last year Norwegian postal service Posten brought us a gay Santa Claus. This year, Santa’s in love with Mother Earth, but the relationship goes sour as the rampant consumerism of Christmas starts killing the planet.

The idea comes from the fact that only ten of the top 100 companies in Norway have cut emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Posten, of course, is one of the ten.

Monica Solberg, marketing director at Posten, said: “Climate change and environmental issues are important and particularly engage the young, but we also want this campaign to reach broader and emotionally engage older audiences that sit on top in the corporate world.

“The evidence is clear – we can still do something to reach the 1.5 degree target, but we need to act now. Being one of the Nordic region’s largest logistics companies, Posten is aware that we are part of the problem. Since 2012, Posten has cut 51% of its CO2 emissions, and all distribution will be emission-free by 2030. This is also the key for Posten, to turn it into something positive, see the possibilities and be part of the solution.”

Agency Pol has pulled off another outstanding Christmas ad that raises the issues of the day.

MAA creative scale: 8.5


  1. Beautiful… Truly beautiful. Kudos to all involved. Just goes to show that occasionally the ad biz (and a rare client) can do something to be proud of. Cheers/George

  2. Been thinking about this all day… What a pleasant surprise it is to discover that there are still people in the ad biz who are capable of creating work that does not underestimate the intelligence of the audience. Plus… Extra kudos to Emma for allowing us to enjoy this wonderful spot. That’s why MAA is such a great resource. Cheers/George

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