Norway’s Posten unveils a gay Santa Claus

A few years back we had Mrs Claus making a memorable appearance in Y&R’s last ad for Marks & Spencer, now Norwegian postal service Posten has unveiled another side to the old boy’s private life in ‘When Harry Met Santa,’ – he’s gay.

From Oslo agency Pol.

Posten marketing director Monica Solberg says: “It has been a dark year for everyone – A global pandemic, code red for our planet, refugee crisis and more. Perhaps what we need this year is a warm and heartfelt love story? A celebration of the fact that we can love whomever we want in Norway, despite everything bad that happens around the world.”

From Oslo agency Pol.

50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in Norway apparently.

MAA creative scale: 7 (brave but a bit treacly?)

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