MAA Christmas Ads of the Month (so far): John Lewis, Apple and Fondation Abbé Pierre

Most advertisers have fired their heavy Christmas armoury already and it’s not even December yet – although doubtless there’s more to come.

It’s another funny old Christmas of course after years of Covid, although it’s still with us in some places, notably China. This time it’s the energy/cost of living crisis and the barbarous attacks by Russia on Ukraine which are making us all miserable.

Adland isn’t a particularly happy place with a round of redundancies certain to be announced over the holiday period when owners think no-one is looking.

So let’s celebrate three great ads, two of them with their bleak elements, which show that craft skills and story telling are still alive and (fairly) well.

John Lewis from adam&eve/DDB, Apple AirPods from TBWA\Media Arts Lab (director Juan Cabral) and Fondation Abbé Pierre. The bleak ones are uplifting because there’s abundant kindness and hope.

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