At Kew Gardens the future is bright, the future is botanic

Most of the ad industry seems to have fast forwarded through November and gone straight to Christmas, but Cop27 is happening in Egypt this week and at Kew Gardens, the environment is always top of the agenda.

This optimistic film by VCCP conjures up a positive future where plants are providing energy, capturing carbon, feeding millions and fighting cancer. It’s a future in which the research done at Kew Gardens plays a vital part.

Zoe Stock, creative director at VCCP London, said: “‘Our Future is Botanic’ is a beacon of hope in a time when conversations around climate change can feel incredibly bleak. With this film, we wanted to bring Kew’s vital research to life in a way that felt tangible and within reach.”

Amid all the gloomy predictions and climate panic, this campaign cuts through.

MAA creative scale: 7

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