Publicis’ Le Pub brings glamour to energy saving with Barilla

Here’s a new energy-efficient way to cook pasta and reduce emissions. Instead of cooking it in boiling water for ten minutes, you turn the heat off after two minutes and then let it stand for Barilla’s recommended “passive” cooking time.

It’s an ancient Italian method, apparently, brought up to date by Le Pub, the “power of one” agency originally set up for Heineken. Publicis’ Le Garage, a “tech ideation studio” has also developed a smart device, linked to your phone, that will let you know when the pasta is ready. A WhatsApp bot service is also on hand to assist.

The creative work has been developed with Toiletpaper, a strangely named “creative art collective,” which makes this effort more a testament to the “power of many” than the “power of one.”

Bruno Bertelli, global CEO of Le Pub and Publicis Worldwide, and CCO of Publicis Groupe Italy, said: “Partnering with Barilla for this new campaign was an incredible opportunity to embrace a method that has been around for centuries – and is a real sign of love for the planet. This demonstrates how technology can be a meaningful tool that enhances everyday habits and helps make a difference.”

The playful, colourful execution make you wonder if this whole thing is serious, but it is definitely fun.

MAA creative scale: 6

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