Lucky Generals mocks Conservative clowns in well-timed Labour attack

Labour and Lucky Generals have taken the latest Tory crisis as an opportunity to go in hard with a campaign that strikes at the heart of the UK’s chaotic leadership.

The Conservative Party –specifically PM Liz Truss, along with chancellor Jeremy Hunt and ex-chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng – are portrayed as crash test dummies and clowns who are leaving Britain’s reputation in tatters.

Lucky Generals’ satirical images are colourful and memorable but the bold Labour branding make it look too much like Labour is responsible for the mess.

Future iterations might be expected to adjust this error and perhaps spell our more clearly that it’s the Conservatives who are under attack — and Labour who can provide an alternative.

One thing the Tories have always done better than the opposition is advertising. The classic “Labour isn’t working” poster included the line “Britain’s better off with the Conservatives,” and “New Labour New Danger” left no room for doubt about its target.

Labour could learn a lot from Persuasion Communications’ Christmas party invite, which sums up the national mood perfectly. Image by @joewilkesdesign and words by Jody Thompson.

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