Ikea home has a mind of its own in Mother’s latest campaign

Mother has found a subtle way to advertise Ikea without overly promoting consumption in this latest ad, which shows a family settling into their new home.

The house is not welcoming at first – a welcome mat shifts to read “who’s this?” –  but as the family puts its personality on the place, harmony is restored. Ikea’s message is, “It won’t feel like home ‘til it feels like you.”

Kemi Anthony, cluster marketing communications manager at IKEA, said: “Where we live is part of who we are, so having a home that reflects our identity really matters. We want to showcase the different ways IKEA can help make home your own; our range is at the heart of this campaign and demonstrates that we design with the needs of real people in mind, no matter what their budget.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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