Creature use ‘shock horror’ tactics to highlight class pay gap

“Your birth will be your downfall” is the ominous warming in a  campaign by Creature London to highlight the ongoing class pay gap, which takes the form of a trailer for a horror film.

Last year’s “Class polish” ad was altogether more lighthearted, but this year things have taken a much grimmer turn. Client the Social Mobility Foundation says that professional people from working class backgrounds earn £6,800 less each year than their more privileged counterparts.


Media is being managed by Wavemaker, with print ads in the Guardian and on digital OOH.

Sarah Atkinson, CEO of the Department for Opportunities and Social Mobility Foundation said: “The very existence of a class pay gap is horrifying. Our campaign is designed to shock employers into action, particularly the creative and arts sectors, which have so much work to do’.  

John Osborne, creative director at Creature London said: “Classism survives when it’s allowed to hide in the shadows. We knew we had to continue our unexpected category approach to cut through and shine attention on the issue. To get people talking, of course, but ultimately to apply pressure on those in power holding others down simply because of their background.”

Some great actors star in the ad, including two from Shane Meadows’ “This is England” and the altogether posher Jonathan Hyde.

MAA creative scale: 7

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