The&Partnership Manchester wins TransPennine Express and launches ‘On track to better’ campaign

Railways are a challenging business, but The&Partnership Manchester makes the TransPennine upgrade look effortless in the agency’s first work since winning the business.

Commuting, socialising, and cutting emissions are all presented as child’s play in the spot, which wants to demonstrate that TransPennine Express is the best way to get around in the north.

Caroline Anchor, head of marketing, TransPennine Express says: “We wanted an agency that understood our industry, our geography, and audiences that the railway serves and in T&P Manchester, we have a partner that can help us deliver both a strategy to grow our brand and, launch the longer-term benefits of a significant infrastructure project for the region.”

“On track to better” is cheerily optimistic, which is not unwelcome in the current climate.

MAA creative scale: 6





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