Dunelm takes us to Wits End as financial squeeze tightens

We are likely to see more and more brands positioning themselves in a sensible and supportive role during the economic crisis, but Dunelm and Creature London have got in early.

This spot introduces us to the residents of “Wits End” whose homes are an escape from the topsy turvy world outside, a place where they can relish the delights of money-saving fluffy blankets, air fryers and stacks of tupperware.

Chris Roughton, head of creative content at Dunelm said: “Helping our customers put their own affordable and stylish stamp on their home is at the heart of Dun Your Way.  Through this campaign we want to help customers feel that regardless of what challenges life may throw, we believe there’s still many little ways to really make your home a haven.”

John Osbourne, creative director at Creature London, said: “Dunelm provides fantastic value and choice for every room, so they’re well placed to help you create home Dun Your Way – even with all the challenges 2022 has brought us. Rather than feeling at our Wits’ End, this campaign encourages people to take pleasure and comfort in their homes. All brought to life by BAFTA-winning British director David Kerr.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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