Bulletproof leisurewear and handcuffs: Mother launches new e-commerce site

Mother has been making its own products since launch more than 25 years ago. Early on, there was a paper aeroplanes book, miniature football hooligans for France ’98, and Russian dolls featuring gay British icons.

Now the agency has launched its own e-commerce site, Mother Goods, selling products that “by their very nature change how people think about and behave around specific issues in the world.”

So far this includes Blanket Statements which are $120 blankets bearing social commentary messages, bullet resistant Kickback Lounge Wear, and the Cûf phone case which handcuffs you to your phone.

Peter Ravailhe, CEO & partner, Mother USA, said: “This is our global shop front for creativity, where we turn our ‘ideas for goods’ into actual goods that can have impact in the world. Now is more important than ever that we use our entrepreneurial creativity in ways that people want to engage with ideas that have impact. Our goal is to have products that change minds and behaviours in over a million homes.”

Peter Robertson & Susan Hosking, ECDs, International at Mother Family, said: “We’ve never been afraid to express our point of view to the world… and now we’ve dedicated a whole shop to it. We want to create debate, provoke positive change and make some really cool stuff.”

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