Saatchi invades the brains of football fans for BT Sport

Infomercials seem to be making a comeback, assisted by YouTube and all the other video channels, and here’s an interesting effort from Saatchi & Saatchi for BT Sport, using “cutting-edge science” to determine whether football fans actually believe their predictions for the just-started season.

So it’s neuroscience and MRI scans to examine the addled brains of these believers.

BT director of marketing communications Pete Jeavons says: “Believe It, See It on BT Sport is designed to turn the heads of data lovers and tug the heartstrings of team ultras. It creates a connected campaign, born of our scientific test, from social all the way through to digital out of home which is set to fire up debate.”

Saatchi creative director William John says: “When it comes to the start of the season, football fans will believe anything’s possible. There’s boasting, bragging and debating on how it will all play out. We wanted to put those beliefs to the test, to see if fans genuinely believe in their teams or if it’s all bluster.”

The latter probably. But it’s ingenious and entertaining from BT Sport and Saatchi.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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