Cadbury teaches us how to ‘sign with fingers’ for Dairy Milk

This is the way to do purpose: find a cause that fits the brand, and make it fun.

VCCP’s “Sign with fingers” campaign for Cadbury Fingers is set in the household of a very engaging deaf teenager. The film brings to life just how easy it is for deaf people to feel left out of the conversation, and goes on to teach some useful, friendly phrases in British Sign Language.

You can click through to learn everyday sayings such as Fancy a cuppa? or Having a good day?, plus other conversation topics like what a goal! and typical British weather isn’t it?

Laura Muse, creative director at VCCP London, said: “Teaching people how to communicate with their own fingers, through British Sign Language, is one of those ideas that you know is brilliant from the first time you see it. And to make it feel as easy, and as fun, as sharing a box of biscuits has been an absolute pleasure.”

Another winner from VCCP and Mondelez, following on from last week’s Dairylea ad.

MAA creative scale 7.5

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