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Uncommon gets Peepl off to an unusual start with a logo that benefits its customers

Financial start-up Peepl and Uncommon Creative Studios are asking customers to design the company’s logo. Every day for 100 days, Peepl will pick a new logo, turn it into an NFT, and give its creator a share of daily profits.

Peepl’s mission is to do its bit to level up the world after decades of wealth centralisation. It uses blockchain technology and hopes to help build local economies by charging lower fees and handing out rewards for shopping locally and spending ethically.

Leon Rossiter, CEO & co-founder at Peepl said: “We believe in driving an economic revolution in how we govern our money and our technology. One that shares the wealth, instead of hoarding it. We are proud to be helping to rewrite local economies to be something that puts individuals, business and community at its heart.”

Ez Blaine, creative partner at Uncommon CX said: “Most brands jealously guard their logo with an iron fist, but Peepl are literally giving it to their members. Taking a traditional logo design brief and changing it up to offer an ownership structure is what CX is all about. We can’t wait to see what comes back.”

If it were any agency other than Uncommon (which has put its CX division on this one), you might think they are passing the buck by getting punters to do the logo design.

But there’s a playfulness about this that makes it interesting, and Peepl is obviously a commendable project, even though all those buzzwords – NFTs, blockchain, circular economy – make it slightly impenetrable.


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