Media agency OMD breaks newish ground – with a chief client experience officer

Don’t wish to be mean or anything but note that OMD, the Omnicom media agency, has just appointed a “chief client experience officer.”

Adland is awash with chief this and thats, but what exactly is a chief client experience officer? Or a chief client officer for that matter (there are quite a lot of those washing around these days too.)

How does one differ from the other, assuming the titles mean anything in the first place?

Kat De Keyser (pictured with new OMD MD Grant Burke from Carat) is thus ennobled, from managing partner. She was formerly a planner and is no doubt highly capable….but.

She says: “I’m excited to step into my new role which will be focused on evolving OMD UK’s brilliant client offering to be best in class for today and tomorrow. I’m passionate about the role we can play supporting and challenging our clients to help them navigate the new landscape.”

CEO Laura Fenton says: “I’m thrilled to elevate talent from within our agency. Kat is an incredibly astute and strategic leader who is relentless in her desire to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.”

Thought that was everyone’s job. One can almost hear the ghostly laughter from a departed generation of more rough and ready media execs.

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