Malibu hails a free choice summer in new brand stance

Pernod Ricard’s Malibu is off in pursuit of that elusive Gen Z with a global refresh by Wieden+Kennedy leading to a new brand position: ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good.’ Which seems to cover the field; one of the aims is to position Malibu as an all-year round drink.

There are lots of events too, for once the British summer is playing ball by providing temperatures of African proportions.

Pernod Ricard UK brand director Marnie Corrigan says: “Malibu is a place where summer is a mindset, residents serve all sunshine and no shade. It’s about showing up confidently as your authentic self and being free to do what you love. Just like the most outlandish playlist, crazy food pairing or cushiest velour sweatpants, Malibu is deliciously uncomplicated.

“This campaign invites consumers to ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good’, to embrace their guilty pleasures and enjoy drinking their favourite Malibu cocktail or drink, and our new campaign features a wide range of moments and new ways in which to enjoy Malibu, that’s unapologetically you.”

Nearly all summer booze ads show bright young things jigging around: just when you think you’ve escaped them here they come 40 seconds in. W+K strives mightily here to alter the format here with horses and all sorts of other interlopers but, actually, it’s another Gen Z jigging around effort. But that’s what they all seem to want.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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