KFC has jobs for all – including out of work politicians – in Mother’s topical ad

The newspaper headlines are dominated by the downfall of Boris Johnson and his government, but turn the pages and a solution is at hand for out-of-work politicians — a job at KFC, where (unlike in Westminster) you’ll find “supportive and trustworthy leadership.”

This topical work by Mother has been properly thought through, with further quips on the web link: “Are you a former Trade Envoy or Secretary of State? Looking for a new challenge? One with long-term prospects? ”

Meanwhile, social media is alive with smaller brands celebrating Boris Johnson’s demise more openly, with offers of 10% (and more) off, using codes like “BORISGONE.”

Uncommon is thinking along similar lines with an ad van, stationed outside the gates of Downing Street, that puts a topical twist on their new campaign about the mental health benefits of pets.

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